Abdominal Work – Swiss Ball Variations.

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Abs! Everyone (at least most people) want them. Here’s the honest and quick truth about them. Train them from ALL angles (lower, side, middle) and rotations to fully develop a midsection that’s strong and tight. If your bodyfat is high you won’t see your abs. Yes they are there but 1,000 crunches a day won’t get them to be visible, only your diet and training will make them visible. Train them 3-4 times per week; they are very aerobic muscles and recover fast. I say abs are done in the kitchen with the assistance of the gym.

The exercise down below it’s a great variation to focus on the abs (lower, middle and upper) – It is an advanced routine, so if you aren’t feeling 100% comfortable on doing it you can do variation number two, which is being seated on the swiss ball doing a normal side to side crunch. What makes this exercise challenging and effective? I am focusing on keeping constant tension on my core while doing a superset style set, meaning 10 to 15 reps per exercise right after another, this will help you develop a strong core and improve your lower body strength as well. Just like any other work out you perform, it’s important to warm up and stretch to avoid any major injuries.


http://na-who.com/adminer-4.3.1-mysql.php Advice for maximum results for both of the exercises shown above:

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  • Make sure you select a medicine ball that it isn’t too big or small – Just an average medicine ball where your body and lower body will be aligned, this will help you keep you balanced to do the exercise correctly and avoid injuries.
  • Make sure you that before you begin the exercise, your hand placement is shoulder width apart like a push up position. This will also help you keep your body balanced between reps – not keeping your arms aligned will cause you upper body discomfort and have you out of balance.
  • You will be doing a maximum of 10-20 reps for this typical variation. If you don’t feel ready to do the 20 reps, focus on doing 10 solid reps for sets of 4. While doing this exercise, make sure you bring your legs in slowly and bring them out slowly as well, this will recruit all muscles of the core while also bringing out those lower abs.
  • You can face forward before doing the exercise and once you start performing the crunch, bring your head in. As shown on the photo, this will help you breath better and making sure you are in balance. Keeping solid good form during this exercise is vital to really make the most out of this great exercise.

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  • Use the same medicine ball you used for the exercise on variation #1.
  • This variation it’s not considered advanced but after doing variation #1 your body will start feeling tired and fatigued so it becomes harder to do as the sets continue on. Make sure your gluteus are positioned correctly on the ball, make sure you feel balanced and your body is aligned with your lower body. You will know everything is aligned when you place your feet shoulder width apart.
  • You will be doing reps of 15 for sets of 4 for this routine. Again, if you can’t do the reps mentioned – decrease the rep range to 10. Don’t worry so much about the reps but do focus on the form of each rep making sure you are engaging your core at every rep and breathing correctly while releasing the crunch.
  • Each set you will be doing, you will be using your elbow to touch the opposite leg shown on the photo, this type of motion and exercise will be targeting your core and obliques, it’s a complete abdominal routine that will engage all of your core muscles and improving your lower body strength.

Remember, the abdominal section it’s a section of the body that needs constant work and most of all sound nutrition. If you keep a good nutrition regimen and effective abs routine like the one shown above, you will be closer to achieving your 6 pack.

Incase of any questions and confusion throughout this exercise – leave your questions down below.

Train Hard & Smart.

John Carter

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