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Guest Blogger Anne Carter Shares Some Important Tips for Pilates

Today at John Carter Fitness we bring you something special from guest blogger Anne Carter from Plank to Pike Pilates but first, lets get to know her.


Anne started Pilates 10 years ago and fell in love with it right away! She then decided to do the Pilates Teacher Training Program with Balanced Body and after working several years at her mother’s studio in California she decided to create her own style and take it to the East Coast. She conducts her own teacher training program twice a year where she teaches her method to future Pilates Instructors.



Anne shares the following with us:

We all want a workout that can show results immediately. The sooner the better right? So, how fast do you see results with Pilates? We have seen amazing transformations with our clients after only four weeks of consistent exercise at least 3 times a week. Now the question is, what changes can I expect to see in my body? Here are 5 major changes:

  • visit this site Posture – we tend to slouch even when we are trying not to. Every Pilates exercise involves your core and  given that this is the center of your body, there is no surprise that the stronger your core the better your posture.
  • see it here Strength – reformer Pilates is amazing for making your workout more challenging based on the different string levels. This will allow you to advance and keep your workouts challenging and develop more strength.
  • Flexibility – stretching plays a big role in a Pilates class. Movements require you to stretch as you go, so every class you will feel more flexible as you progress.
  • Body Shape – having a ballerina body without actually knowing ballet is now achievable with Pilates. When Joseph Pilates created the method it was designed for ballet dancers, so that they would continue to develop lean and toned bodies.
  • Healing – we ususally spend a long time seating at our desks, so back pain is the common denominator in most working men and women. The beuty about the Pialtes method is that no matter what your injurie or body ache you have Pilates can help you heal it.

So, are you ready to start Pilates? We are convinced that this is a method that can help anyone improve their bodies and reach their itnes goals. Good luck and make sure you share with us your own personal trasnformation on the comments section.

Anne Carter
Founder and Mentor
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