John Carter on Men’s Fitness Magazine. John Carter gracing March Issue 2013 of Men’s Fitness Magazine US.

It was a long time coming before this great moment happened in John’s Career – being able to shoot for a personal success story feature with one of the Best magazines in the World and within the Fitness Industry. It was December of 2012 when John received an email from the staff at Men’s Fitness from New York when they asked him if he was ready to shoot for a feature. Needless to say and without hesitation John replied “I am ready.” After going over critical information, the staff planned the feature to release during March Issue of 2013 launching on newsstands during the month of February. The issue and feature was shot by commercial and elite photographer Tommy Garcia at Equinox Fitness clubs in Los Angeles,CA. It was a full day of shooting while John performed a variety of work outs, head shots and simple commercial editorial shots for the magazine in which the assistant editors and photo coordinator was going to determined which shot would make it into the magazine.

What to expect from this issue? John talks about how he got started within the Fitness industry. He also shares his initial approach to living a healthier and better lifestyle and what was his training and nutrition like throughout his transformation. John also shares one of his favorites exercises routines for a well developed back. Furthermore, John also shares his passion towards fitness with a goal in mind to motivate, inspire and help others reach their fullest potential. You can read more on John’s success and story on the following link via Men’s Fitness Magazine. Photography by Tommy Garcia

1. Rope exercise series.

























2. T-Bar Row Back exercise series.

























More hints 3. Editorial – Commercial series.

























March Issue 2013 – Men’s Fitness on Newsstands.




















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