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sites de rencontre echangiste It wasn’t until John graduated from high school that he realized he needed to make a change. “I woke up one day and saw myself in the mirror, and all those negative words I heard in high school sparked a fire in me,” he says. “They motivated me to transform my body into what I wanted it to be.” John Carter started his journey shortly after High School at the age of 18 years old.

Still, the weight room was only half the battle. “I ate well, but to be honest, I would have cheat meals and I would snack during the day,” he says. “Before, it was three meals a day. Now it’s six.” His dishes are crafted around chicken, fish, or steak, and he keeps a close eye on his carbs and fats. Nutrition is the foundation of everything and once you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle its no longer about “the diet” but more towards a Healthier and Better lifestyle.

John's Transformation

John’s Transformation

Today, carter weighs in at a lean 175 pounds, and his hard work and dedication have earned him some well-deserved attention within the Health and Fitness industry. Inspiring thousands of people from all over the World.

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